Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
Print Available 40 x 50 cm.
Illustration 2017


Music Map Covers

Client: Music Map
MusicMap is a network of DJs, writers and producers, working to give local scenes a global platform.

MusicMap is a dedicated platform for independent music talent from every corner of the globe, created to satisfy an increasing interest in the hyperlocal.


Beat Soup X Beatnotik
Label Active since 2009 Beatnotik is a music blog that consists of a small group of like-minded music devotees, that try to provide you with the best in contemporary underground Hip Hop, Beats, Soul, Electronica, Funk, UK Bassline, Glitch and many other different styles of music.
Beat Soup is the italian duo formed by Nario (Bros) and Luca (Tonnoalnaturale) both with the passion for beats and Hip Hop. Based in Rome, their Soulful/Jazzy selection is taking them playing all around the city, from cosy bars to vintage markets. from streetwear shops to terrace.


A reflective and effervescent selection of jams for the Summer Babies and sun-worshippers. 3M status for all my A-Alikes and gremlins finding shade in suburbia under Friendly Fire. DHP.TSC.FAMILYVALUES.FARMINGTON2015

Paisley Skies

Your regular dose of gems from Craig Monts and the FARMINGTON movement. Upload to your MP3 device and wait for winter to arrive. One love to Beatnotik for the support and love.
Peace to the gods.